Pediatric Behavioral Health Occupational Therapy: Looking at the Whole Picture

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Pediatric Behavioral Health Occupational Therapy: Looking at the Whole Picture

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Miranda Tippie
Miranda Tippie

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Why am I standing up here getting ready to talk to you about holistic care and these sensitive topics such as substance abuse, mental illness, trauma, culture???  Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I work in community mental health practice in Findlay Ohio.  I work in clients homes, schools, community agencies, the jail, probation department, homeless shelters, inpatient substance abuse treatment facility, the local coffee shop, stores, restaurants, the library, anywhere in the community you can think of chances are I have completed a treatment session there. I work with The University of Findlay to provide occupational therapy services to the community, I supervise level 1 and level 2 students at our sites. We run groups and individual sessions with children in the behavioral health agency, adults with severe and persistent mental illness, adults with substance abuse and dependency, adults with criminal thinking, adults and children in poverty, adults and children with significant trauma histories, and on and on.. However one thing they all have in common is that all of my clients have barriers that are in their way for them to be successful with their daily occupations.  So I am here today to bring a little of my experience and some information about these sensitive client issues to your attention so that maybe you will look at your clients just a little bit different when you go back to work, looking at them holistically… maybe there is a reason they do not want to get out of bed beyond their medical dx.. Maybe their voices are telling them not to, maybe they are so depressed that they do not even want you in their room, maybe they are going through withdraw from heroin, maybe the smell of your shampoo reminds them of their step mom that sexually abused them, maybe they see your fancy wedding ring and want nothing to do with you because they think you are just another “rich” girl trying to tell them what to do…   When we are done today I am hoping that you will be able to think beyond that medical dx even more then you have in the past.

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